Welcome to Kootenai Kids Preschool

Featuring independent play, preschool, and a pre-K program

OPEN 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

4802 W Kootenai Street
Boise, Idaho  83705

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our center has been in operation for over two years. We created Kootenai Kids (K2) when we realized that our own grandchildren were going to need childcare. With this said, we wanted their day to be as enriched as possible and yet allow time for them to “just be kids.”

 Currently, our school is broken into three areas: 

The Toddler room - where we could have up to 10-12 little ones who are from 12 months up to 2 ½ or 3 years old (with 2 teachers). The toddlers need to be able
to walk, drink from a cup and not require more than one bottle a day.

The Preschool room - is for ages 3 to 4-ish. During the school year, our class 
    can accommodate up to 10 children. They will participate in the Zoo
 Phonics program for Preschoolers.

      The Pre-K room - this will be your child’s last spot at K2. Up to 10
children ages 4 to 6 will continue to enrich their language and reading skills with Zoo Phonics
 and augment this curriculum with Scott-Foresman’s “Reading Street” materials.

It is our philosophy that the children grow and develop through creative and purposeful play. Our intention is to provide a safe environment where you
child will thrive.

We hope that your child will become another Kootenai Kid!


Testimonial from parents:
Our two boys (2.0 and 3.75 yrs old) have been enrolled at Kootenai Kids since late August of 2012. We hated to leave our last daycare but were enticed by better hours and proximity, and a good first impression. So far, we are very pleased with Kootenai Kids! The facility is large, clean, and well cared for. The curriculum is definitely making a positive impression, at least on our oldest.   The staff is wonderful. They are kind, genuinely caring, trustworthy, and a good influence. They show a sincere interest in the kids, more than just a job. At this point, moving to KK was an excellent choice, and we hope for their continued success, as it is a direct reflection of our children.

Thank You Ms. Pam and Mr. Randy!
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